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Sushi Crescent is our first restaurant of the group. It is located in the city’s most famous bar street at 1437 Crescent Street, the front looks like a century-old building, interior decoration to echo, to customers with different enjoyment, and also provide more than 200 kinds of food ( sashimi, nigiri, maki, teriyaki, tempura, ramen, etc…) for customers to choose, once the order sent, we will prepare what’s ordered and serve once done. Our second floor can accommodate more the sixty peoples for party’s, is a good place for the group party or business group meeting. Customers are always welcome!

THE SOTA GROUP was founded in 2009, is the first Japanese sushi restaurant chain group that offer all you can eat, we have six branches, respectively, located in the center of Montreal and West Island; THE SOTA GROUP always adhere to the material, the food ingredients always Fresh and got delivered everyday to gives our customer the best authentic Japanese food, that’s how we adhere our business philosophy “people-oriented, customer-oriented spirit and constantly improve service, the pursuit of perfection” for one fixed price and a different enjoyment. Now THE SOTA GROUP is steady, and with the positive pioneering spirit, combined with the brand output and other diversified business, leading the trendy food at the same time, establish “The SOTA GROUP” in the catering industry model brand image.